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The Tale of the Giraffe Who Doesn't Want to Sleep

  Once upon a time. There was a giraffe. He was so tall, so tall that when he was hungry, he could easily eat the leaves on the highest branches of the trees. One day he was hungry again. He started to smack the leaves of the first tree in front of him... But suddenly he heard a thin angry voice. "Heey, wait, monster! Why are you tearing my garden out?" A little bird looking at the giraffe. "I'm not a monster!" he said to the bird. "But all the leaves you ate are the garden of my house... You almost swallowed my nest in your huge mouth," said the bird. Giraffe is very upset. "I didn't know you had a home here. Then I'll eat the leaves of another tree." But what if another bird has a nest in another tree? The bird offered to help him. "I'll fly ahead and see if you want. I'll let you know if there's a nest hidden in the leaves." Thus, the bird and the giraffe became friends. The bird show